A Transformative Gift

The Zac Plantz Foundation
November 16, 2021
The Zac Plantz Foundation & Providence High School receive a transformative gift from The Allegretti Family

The Allegretti Family has given both Providence Catholic High School and the Zac Plantz Foundation something to be grateful for this holiday season, as they make a transformative impact on each program.

Carl Allegretti and Ron Plantz both dedicated a significant portion of their lives to the game of football. Together they created the Frankfort Falcons Football Organization, and in doing so, provided guidance and mentorship for countless local youth. The relationships between the families, players, and coaches have instilled a sense of love, discipline, and perseverance that truly resonates when you look at the people in this community.

The Family made a gift of $10,000 to Providence Catholic High School’s Football Program. This was given as they bring in newly appointed head football coach, and Zac’s beloved older brother, Tyler Plantz. The memo on the gift read “As he continues his mission to carry on his brother’s legacy.”

The generosity didn’t stop there. Upon learning of the Zacamo Bowl, a flag-football tournament and crowdfunding initiative taking place on November 27th at Providence, the family donated an additional $10,000 directly to the foundation’s event.

Upon learning of the Allegretti Family’s contributions, Tyler had this to say:

“Carl Allegretti is a great man and has been a guide for me throughout my life. First as a youth football coach, then a mentor as I was deciding what to do after college, and now as a major contributor in helping me carry on Zac’s legacy. The tragedy of losing Zac has been so hard in so many ways, but the continued generosity over a lifetime from guys like Mr. Allegretti is what makes the difference and drives me to pay it forward. That same selfless mentality of service is something that Zac embodied, and it is what we want to continue, grow and provide the community through this foundation. I am forever indebted to Carl for everything leading up to this point, and my family and I could not be more thankful for the kindness that he and his family have bestowed upon us. God Bless you guys and thank you for your help in the creation of something really special.”

The Zac Plantz Foundation would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to The Allegretti Family. Their generous and thoughtful donation will assist in our mission of creating a better tomorrow by connecting young people to resources and opportunities in education, leadership, and service within their community.