About Us


On November 26, 2020, a foundation rose from the ashes of the tragic passing of Zachary Jacob Plantz. In his short time on Earth, Zac made an indelible mark as a son, brother, mentor, friend, and, above all, a shepherd. He was a natural leader, not because he took up the mantle from the front, but because he gathered people who risked being left behind and carried them with him. Many people were cared for and inspired by Zac, and we continue to draw on his strength and love to fulfill our own potential. The Zac Plantz Foundation is devoted to solidifying his memory through Zac’s greatest life passions: faith-based education, leadership & service, and health & wellness. Zac shepherded a huge, diverse flock, and by taking up his mantle, we will continue to honor his memory through our care for others.


The Zac Plantz Memorial Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to shepherding young men and women who are committed to creating a better tomorrow. This foundation will invest in young people by providing them with opportunities to grow academically, socially, and spiritually as they set out to establish inspiring legacies of their own. We honor Zac’s commitment to the whole person by championing faith-based education, service & leadership, and health & wellness initiatives within our community.

The foundation seeks to empower young men and women to follow in Zac’s footsteps by connecting them with transformative opportunities and resources in education, service & leadership, and health & wellness. These were the pillars of Zac’s life, and we hope to spread his goodwill by funding experiences that will expand their perspectives of themselves (and the world) so that they can continue Zac’s legacy and finish the chapters he left unwritten. Together, we will write new stories, with these common themes:

Faith-Based Education

Providing access to faith-based education and top-tier extracurriculars.

  • Renovation of the Providence Catholic High School Grotto
  • Providing funding to improve educational and recreational activities at Zac’s alma maters (Providence Catholic High School and University of Notre Dame)
  • Funding scholarships to individuals wanting to earn a Catholic education
  • Development of Notre Dame Rugby & Non-Varsity Athletic Stadium

Leadership Through Action

Empowering young people to find their voices, institute change, and become leaders in their communities.

  • Support for youth-led community service projects that Zac was passionate about (e.g., One on Hunger, Opportunity Knocks)
  • Funding leadership programs supporting under-served youth (e.g.,
    Gloves Not Guns)
  • Funding grants for individuals who want to make a difference in their communities.

Wellness & Mental Health

Raising awareness about the importance of health & wellness and reaching out to the marginalized; shepherding the odd man out

  • Renovation of the Providence Catholic High School (Zac’s alma mater) Weight Room & Fitness Center (Completed end of summer 2021)
  • Annual donations to Movember
  • Mental Health awareness and support
  • Support and funding for health & wellness initiatives on high school
    and college campuses


We strive to always remember Zac and continue his legacy by assisting and supporting the young men and women in our communities—supporting them in achieving their goals, becoming better people, and contributing to a better tomorrow for all. We cannot all succeed unless those who may be left behind are brought into the fold and nurtured, which Zac strived for during his life. Your support is how we champion education, leadership, and wellness for our young men and women, proving that supporting passionate young people can result in not only better, changed lives—but a better, changed world.

We invite you to join our current donors, partners, and volunteers and provide the Zac Plantz Memorial Foundation with the means to achieve Zac’s vision. It will serve as a sign to all that, just like Zac, you also value and dedicate yourself to shepherding those who may be left behind, giving them the tools to create a better tomorrow.