Inaugural Zacamo Bowl

The Zac Plantz Foundation
November 28, 2021
On Saturday, November 27th, exactly one year and one day after the tragic passing of Zachary Jacob Plantz, The Zac Plantz Foundation hosted the first annual “Zacamo Bowl” fundraiser.

Hundreds gathered at Providence Catholic High School to partake in two of Zac’s most beloved pastimes: spending time with friends and family, and playing football. The event sought to further the foundation’s mission of providing a better tomorrow for young people, and with overwhelming support from our donors and sponsors; the foundation was able to raise $140,000.

Upon arrival, attendees spent time catching up with old friends and familiar faces while waiting for the games to begin. Participants could be seen attempting to get themselves game-ready by any means necessary, knowing that in true Zac spirit, all the loving and playful banter would soon be replaced by sheer competitiveness. While some athletes spent time stretching and drinking coffee, others elected for a bagel sandwich coupled with a cold one.

When it was time for the games to begin Zac’s father, Ron Plantz, and brother, Tyler, both took to the podium to thank participants and onlookers alike with a heartfelt message and blessing. The National Anthem soon followed, and with that, the tournament began. Greg Berryman and Tom Scheide provided some truly colorful commentary, spectators watched as sixteen seven-player teams, many consisting of former accomplished athletes, attempted to relive their glory days on the gridiron. And while some teams struggled to run even the most elementary play on offense, others looked as if they hadn’t lost of step since playing on Friday nights.

Fittingly, the championship game served as the most entertaining to watch as The Celts Are Marching On faced off against the The Celtic “Has Beens” in what may be considered the most physical flag football game of all time. Team captains, Vince Ambrose and Tyler Plantz, relied on former teammates at Providence when assembling their rosters. After an intense back and forth game, featuring multiple highlight material plays, big hits, and what are you thinking moments, The Celtic “Has Beens” were able to secure victory.

Zac’s spirit permeated throughout this event, from its inception to what lies ahead for the Foundation and everyone that took part. One of Zac’s greatest strengths was that he could always communicate with anyone he interacted with, regardless of what they were going through. Today, by coming together to celebrate and honor his life, and by playing the game that he loved so much, we bring back that feeling that one was left with after spending time with him.

We would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors for donating their products, services, and funds to support our annual fundraiser. Your contributions were pivotal in helping us carry out this special day.